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Lee G. Kushner


 Holes In My Shoes Comedy/Variety Show, a revolutionary presentation of electrifying comedy and performance artists, Debuts Dec. 4th, 2013, Wednesday, at the Downtown Independent, 251 S. Main Street Los Angeles. Doors Open @7PM. Show 8-10PM . Perry Kurtz (Tonight Show, Comedy Central) joins 5 Other Names and Up-and-Coming Greats, PLUS Aric Leavitt, Master Minstrel of Folk Banjo, AND Pancake Juggler/Acrobatic Funnyman Scot Nery (Tonight Show) for a night of exhilarating thrills and Great Extras! Time’s running out, for you to secure your spot in the audience, and enjoy a night of magical comedy, incredible feats and the best of folk banjo artistry. If you are indifferent to this, you’re either out of town- or clinically dead! The TIX link is above, with complete show description and performer Bios. Parking is between 6th and 5th on the east side of Main, between 5th and 4th, on the west side of Main, at the south east corner of Main and 3rd, or on the streets. We’re so excited, our underwear just blew the hell off! Go on the link, ABOVE, and enter either Times- or Downtown Independent- into the Discount box, for your reduced price TIX. THIS EVENT ADVANCES THE ANTI-GANG EFFORTS OF HOMEBOY INDUSTRIES, THE NATION’S LARGEST SUCH COLLABORATION!

Would You Trust This Outfit To Write Your Copy?

This outfit, www.Magic, claims expertise in ad copywriting, but  asks: “What do you have to loose?,” on its homepage.
A lot of companies are shorting themselves of quality, ad copywriting, consequently losing potential customers, just in order to save money in creative costs. They have a web designer “wear both hats,” namely that of the graphics-generator and the writer, the latter being something that most designers are not qualified for.
Nowadays, people think that (admittedly) impressive web design need not be accompanied by copy that doesn’t detract from the marketing. The fact is, the writing must ENHANCE THE PITCH- “WOW” readers, through non-redundant, non-repetitious language- and proper usage, which colorfully and favorably separates what a company is offering from that of the competition. It must highlight, in that fashion, how the business it serves provides outcomes that people rank the highest. It needs to characterize how the company delivers those outcomes better than its competition.
Therefore, if you have a job for a writer, make sure that person has experience in writing winning copy, with a portfolio that clearly demonstrates the usage of correct English.
You can get a “nuts and bolts,” intricate view, of how I operate my writing and editing business, here:

Northeast High School Classmates, Ed Miller and Jerry Manas, Craft Bestselling Science Fiction/Alternate History Thriller

If you read The Kronos Interference at Starbucks, you’d be doing two of the most popular things ever, at one time!!!

A good friend, Edward Miller, one of the brilliant authors of the newly-released, spellbinding novel, “The Kronos Interference,” always spouted off the most intriguing science fiction scenarios, to me, while we were growing up in Northeast Philly.  They were based upon a thorough and intricate knowledge of physics, relativity, biochemistry and history, so pronounced that Ed always astounded me. Now, those qualities have come to home to roost, in the form of his and Jerry Manas’ masterful work, the story of which delves into the issue of human conscience, and when it should limit even well-intentioned technology.

Scientist Jacob Newman travels back into the past, using a device discovered aboard a foreboding, alien ship, and tries to help his grandparents complete their plot to kill Hitler. However, he soon discovers something more personally agonizing: that altering history can produce destructive effects of its own.

I am pleased to have had a developing hand in the publishing of this book, insofar as editing, and providing input into, the draft that was presented for publication. “The Kronos Interference” was released on June 3oth, has achieved rave responses from Kirkus Reviews, and is available at Barnes and Noble and other retailers, and on Amazon  for only 12.99 !! CLICK HERE  (Since its release, it has been in the top 100 sellers, in the Science Fiction/Alternate History category, and in one weekend, became one of Amazon’s best-selling fiction works.)


For those interested in learning a little more about us and the book, here’s a Q&A Interview with Ed and I.

Reel Ladies Founder and Film Producer Nikki Love Seeks Seed Funds For Landmark Film About Postpartum Psychosis

I am a member of Reel Ladies, a group dedicated to encouraging, promoting and educating women filmmakers, as I believe in women’s issues; also, many of my strongest screenplay/TV characters are female.

Nikki Love, the Founder of the group, has sent all members a request for support for her latest effort, an invaluable drama that she hopes will open a necessary, now practically closed, book of communication about the tragedy of Postpartum Disorders.

Please click below, watch the development video, as well, and kick in a few bucks. You need not start at 20 dollars, by selecting the “other amount ” option and typing some denomination in. Remember, many constructive things have happened after an awareness of an issue was fostered by a film!

Cheers, Lee

Tears of A Clown

Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disasters Spark International Aid- How You Can Help

The extent of the devastation in Japan, mostly arising from the horrendous Tsunami that was triggered by one of the largest earthquakes in history (over 9 on the Richter scale), has reached over 10,000 dead. There are probably more than that number injured, and the Japanese are also beset with resultant, exploding nuclear reactors, from the lack of electrical cooling, spewing dangerous amounts of radiation into the immediate area.

Your help and everyone’s is needed, and you may provide greatly appreciated assistance by clicking on this link, and contributing.

You may pick your specific charity to accomplish the purpose, and all are approved by the Better Business Bureau. The one I selected on the site was the Red Cross, earmarking the funds for the Japanese crisis, by choosing their International Red Cross. Thanks, and you will feel like you did something worthwhile.

Magic Marketing Delivers Artist Bio For Masterful Kelso Dunes Photographer, Norman Schwartz

This following is the original, Artist’s Bio of Norman Schwartz, which I composed for his extraordinary and alluring exhibit of photographs of the Kelso Dunes (Mojave National Preserve). “Sand and Sky” runs from 5/6-5/28.

Meet the Photographer : Norman Schwartz

After receiving a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Norman Schwartz began a career as an aerospace engineer. Possessing a marked creative instinct, he soon rebelled against the rigidly formulaic aspects of the field, discarding it to enter law school. Norman was thrilled by the type of adaptive thinking and focus on people that were involved in the practice of law. He thus pursued that endeavor for over thirty years. In the 1980′s, he developed a passion for solo flying and for related adventure, finding these to be great sources of tranquility. After years of training, Norman earned an Airline Transport Pilot’s license, and then, purchased an airplane. He has flown to the North Pole, circling the globe in 21 days, and piloted into remote areas of Africa, where the welcoming committee often consisted of creatures like elephants or rampaging giraffes. In 2006, Norman began capturing alluring photographic images, which incorporated his fascination with people, minute detail, and the panoramic. He has studied photography in community college and in the extension program at UCLA, and has combined flying and photography with trips to Alaska, Canada and Mexico.

Norman chose the Kelso Dunes area as the subject of his photographic study, due to its unparalleled beauty, expansiveness, and the multiplicity of different textures and colors, within separate ecological elements. Thus, at one point in time, the sky is pictured as a streaked blue in one area, a streaked white in another, and has a fluffy whiteness in yet a third. At another time period, it possesses brilliant bursts of yellow and blue, and tamer, pastel colors. In the same way, and dependent also on specific locale, the dunes can be grayish, a shade of brown, or blue. They may have shadows, ridges, protrusions and long streaks, to them, usually in some sort of combination. The flat sand has variation in color from tan to pink, white and even black. It may be a grainy pattern, or a rippled or crisscrossed one, and contain, or lack, different types of dry brush.

Norman’s aim in portraying the panoramic along with the close-at-hand, was to elicit the same tranquility and solitude that the Kelso Dunes offer an observer. Experiencing their broader vistas enables one to achieve a transcending perspective over individual concerns. At the same time, being drawn back to the immediate environs facilitates a grounding effect that stabilizes a person. Along the latter lines, close-ups of flat sand were employed to demonstrate that the massive Dunes are the sum of small and interesting parts, which are often tread upon and overlooked. Norman’s timing of sunrise and sunset images was performed in order to entice visitors to explore and experience the “golden hours of photography,” rather than the typical mid-day sun, with its absence of shadows and highlights.  Beyond the preplanned, Norman, recognizing the value of spontaneity in creativity, walked around the Dunes, “snapping away” at whatever pleased him. He sincerely hopes that you find these renditions to be just as rewarding.

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